Light of Lantern

Light of Lantern

Before my Light was to the winds a scorn,
My body likewise subject to be torn;
Now for a safeguard I this lantern have,
So whilst I shine from wrong it does me save;
Even as the Diamond his light forth sends,
And with his hardness still himself defends.

Honour is subject to inconstant chance,
Nor can it without envy 't self advance:
Virtue to honour is a brazen wall,
Guarded with which, it is not hurt at all;
And how so ever Fortune's storms do blow,
Yet Glory lurking thus, his light can show.

~ "Moral Emblems" from Jacob Cats and Robert Farlie, 1860. Not in copyright.
Rendered in modern English orthography by Kate Marinovsky.
Image (taken from the book) is engraved by Green.


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