Whither the Breath of Your Mistress Calls You

Sport of your mistress' fickle mind,
Hapless lover! turning ever
Like the wevell with the wind,
Has not strength such bonds to sever?

Look around thee, senseless lover!
Fair as she thou ll't many find;
Many who possess moreover,
Far more charms of heart and mind.

Slave of her despot frown or smile;
Has no other will to guide thee,
Than her changeful will, who while
Ruling thee, does but deride thee?

He who thus subjects his reason
To a fickle woman's rule,
Merits just as much derision
As the witless straw-tied fool.


~ Poem and illustration are from "Moral Emblems" by Jacob Cats and Robert Farlie, 1860. Rendered in modern English orthography by Katerina Marinovska.
٭ This picture was engraved by Green Lane.


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