Angel of the Night Guard

Night at the Museum

The deep nocturnal sky
And the quiet unnoticeable shadow
United in their outlines.

Firm step, silent walking, —
It's a night guard
Who went out for the hunt.

Lonely silhouettes of trees,
Rustle of wind in the leaves, —
Nothing can make him afraid
In this barren cold place.

He keeps a flashlight in the hand.
It flickers encouragingly to him
Inviting to go ahead.

On the right, on the left, —
And the bright beam of his little friend
Brings a light to the rough trail.

Blink, blink...
The hour to midnight.

Fresh wind began
To rustle stronger
With the leaves.

Night silence became
Completely soundless
In its late hours.

Golden wings were glittering
In the weak light of far away lamp.
Covering the watchman from the wind,
Angel was gazing into the darkness.

Blink, blink...
Midnight is close.

But the angel knows
These flashlight signals,
Then going around
And backwards home again.

"Even the fearless night guard
needs a Guardian," —
Thought the marvelous angel
Falling asleep on the watchman's shoulder,
Still invisible in the safe warm cabin.


© 2017
* Painting "May Night" by American Impressionist Willard Leroy Metcalf, 1906.

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