The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Smiling Girl Goes by Bicycle

  This anime movie has a special interest because it shows many things which I can understand now better. Though scientists have not yet discovered tools for leaping through time but maybe something like that can happen. If there is Somebody who cares about us and can turn the Gears of Time.

  Makoto is just a random girl, the same as thousands others. She is a teenager and has two best school friends. But they are boys: so charming Chiaki and simple outspoken Kousuke. They consist their little baseball team of three persons.

  Life is going by its way: home — school — home. But once the chain is broken. Makoto stayed at the school after classes to complete some task. Suddenly the girl hears a sound from the closed door of the science lab. She enters...

  A strange black shell-like round thing was the last what Makoto saw before jumping into the time flood. Pictures are changing for a while and now she is in the same room again and books from the table fall on her.

  Somebody pushed schoolgirl but she could not say exactly. And what it was she would never understand if not the further events.

  But time is unexpected thing. Makoto is going home in a hurry to check the things what happened with her in that vision.

 The street clock shows the time. Who knew that it could be her last hour?.. The bicycle's brakes are not working. The train is coming to the city and people are waiting to cross the street...

  Boommm!.. Makoto lays on the ground far from that place. Train is going by its way and life is going on.

  The movie is about girl who can do jumps in the time space. Thanks to this mystical ability that was accidentally gained in the science lab, Makoto survives, transporting herself to that time point, when she had not reach the train. And it changes her life story.

  What would you do with such supernatural ability? With it you can repeat the same period of time so much as you like.

  You can enjoy the sunset or sunrise for the whole eternity, repeating and repeating those a few minutes of watching. You can eat the same piece of cake endless.

  And what about something more serious? You can change the history of entire mankind

  Makoto chooses something other. She wants to take her personal life under control, building her relations with people according to her wishes.

  But how can we know what is better for us?.. Having too much authority we can lose everything.

  There are things... they can be imperfect. But they ARE and it is important. Because they are dear for us. Because... we LOVE them.

Time is not a toy. Live here and now

  If we do not do that what we like here and now, we will never do it. Life is not a draft. We cannot play the same period many times. Every minute has its value.

  Appreciate your family, your friends, any random people that you meet everyday. There is no "if she" or "if he". They are as they are. These people are part of your life. Thanks to them your life is so beautiful.

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This animated movie was based on the same name book by Japanese author Yasutaka Tsutsui (2006).

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